TAKE ACTION: Urge PA House to Vote No on Prayer Month

The PA State Legislature is poised RIGHT NOW to use the non-controversial resolution system (Rule 35 in the House of Representatives) to pass another bill that further erodes the wall of separation between church and state.  HR 922 declares October 2012 as "Prayer Month" in Pennsylvania.

Prayer is a strictly religious activity.  The legislature should not be using their valuable time to promote it - That should be left up to the dictates of an individual's conscience.  On the heels of the “Year of the Bible” in Pennsylvania, this is a clear attempt to continue to promote religion using our state government.

Please, join us in telling your state representative to vote “No” on HR 922.  This is URGENT - This bill is on today's calendar in the PA State House of Representatives, and could be addressed today or tomorrow.  Join us in urging your representative to do the right thing and leaving the choice to pray or not up to the individual voter.