Stop creationists' federal money grab (10-11-07)

Senate Appropriations Committee

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Alexander (Tennessee)
Allard (Colorado)
Bennett (Utah)
Bond (Missouri)
Brownback (Kansas)
Byrd (West Virginia)
Cochran (Mississippi)
Craig (Idaho)
Domenici (New Mexico)
Dorgan (North Dakota)
Durbin (Illinois)
Feinstein (California)
Gregg (New Hampshire)
Harkin (Iowa)
Hutchison (Texas)
Inouye (Hawaii)
Johnson (South Dakota)
Kohl (Wisconsin)
Landrieu (Louisiana)
Lautenberg (New Jersey)
Leahy (Vermont)
McConnell (Kentucky)
Mikulski (Maryland)
Murray (Washington)
Nelson (Nebraska)
Reed (Rhode Island)
Shelby (Alabama)
Specter (Pennsylvania)
Stevens (Alaska)

Oct. 18 update: This funding earmark was withdrawn on Wed., Oct. 17 by it sponsor. This Action Alert is now expired.

Oct. 16 update: We've learned that this earmark will be allowed to reach the Senate floor intact. As promised, this Action Alert is now reissued to target the entire Senate, not just the Appropriations Committee. Please contact both your Senators today.

Help us stop federal funding earmarked for the Louisiana Family Forum (LFF), a group whose mission is to "persuasively present biblical principles in centers of influence" including public schools. The proposed earmark gives federal money to the LFF to be used for suggesting "improvements" to science education in Louisiana. It would also pay for the LFF to develop and distribute educational materials.

Biblical doctrine must not interfere with the accurate teaching of science. Bible stories are appropriately placed in religious education and comparative religion courses -- NOT in public school science classrooms.

Please tell your Senators to remove the Louisiana Family Forum earmark from S. 1710, the Fiscal Year 2008 Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriation Bill (the earmark falls under Title III, the Fund for Improvement of Education).

Below is a sample letter. Please feel free to adapt it to your voice and provide additional information of importance to you.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here